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3 Keys for Being Successful!


Difficult times, overwhelming circumstances, and struggles! We all have them and if you are anything like me, your world seems to be turned upside down. During these times a couple things add pressure to the situation. These two things are discouragement and the fear of failure. However, the truth is, I should Read More…

Ignite Your Influence!


“Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone.” John C. Maxwell.

This is one of my favorite all time quotes due to the truth that is behind it. Several years back I was in a Bible study and the topic of influence came up and I quoted Maxwell’s statement about how everyone influences someone. However, I added to what he said. I said, “Everyone influences someone and you either influence them for the good or for the bad. There is someone watching you weather you realize it or not.” Now, I don’t remember if I had read that somewhere or if I heard someone else say that, but it doesn’t really matter. The truth is, what I said was true. I have people who are watching me, even when don’t know they are watching me. The way I live my life influences Read More…

Memory Lane… 9 Years Ago Today!


This morning I took a little trip down memory lane after looking at the “On this day” post on my Facebook. Sometimes it is a joy to look back at the pictures and post from years before. They are a reminder of what has gone on in my life over the years. As I strolled down memory lane, I began to think back on the years in my life beyond the Facebook. That is when I stopped in 2006 and the memories came flooding in. Boy there was a lot of things going on in my life that Read More…

Sowing • Watering • Reaping: It Takes More than One!

Takes More Than One

The Greatest Words This Daddy Could Hear!
It’s been along few weeks with work, ministry and family. I was tried. It was a Monday night shortly after 10:30 pm and I was ready for bed. The girls were still up watching TV due to the fact that its summer break. I had given the girls their good night hugs and kisses and told them that I loved them then I crawled into bed. I was just about to close my eyes when I heard my oldest daughter, Caitlyn, say, “Daddy” as she walked into our bedroom. Honestly, I wasn’t happy about this interruption. I wanted to tell her that whatever she wanted it could wait till tomorrow since I had to get up early for work. However, I didn’t. I rolled over and said to her: “What is it baby girl?” That is when I heard Caitlyn say: “I want to become a Christian.” Read More…

No Fear?

no fear

The Lie
Back in the early to mid-90’s there was a clothing brand that came out that seemed to take the world by storm for a little while. The clothing brand was called No Fear (logo pictured above). The No Fear brand was related to extreme sports and the idea that those who wore the logo had “No Fear”. Everyone was wearing their shirts with these two words were printed on each shirt. The answer is yes, Read More…

7 Reasons for Daddy’s to Date their Daughters



DADS, take your daughters on dates!

After a post was made by my friend, I got to thinking about my daughters and I wanted to share something with you dad’s out there that is on my hearts. A few weeks ago I was at the high school visiting some of the youth from CHAOS (our youth ministry) and made the comment about taking Caity, my daughter who is 5, on a date.  When I told them this, one of the girls looked up surprisingly and said: “Wow! My dad has never taken me on a date.” The look on her face was one of Read More…

More than Dried Ink…


This morning I was humbled and amazed as I read the dried ink on the pages of God’s Word. It is hard to believe how single letters coming together to form words can change a person’s life. Yet, while the ink on the pages is dry, my heart is full Read More…

The Voice: It isn’t Just a Reality Show

TheVoice copy
I like watching reality TV shows that are based on competitions.  I must confess, that I have never watched the music reality show “The Voice.”  The closest that I have come to watching it has been the few videos on Facebook.  During the first episode of the show, the judge’s backs are to the contestant so that the only thing they can judge is the contestant’s voices.  As the contestants sing, they try to win over one of the judges with their voices so that they will be chosen to be mentored.   This is nothing new as it is with most of the reality TV shows today; they all have the same basic concepts.  Contestants are trying to be heard or seen by using their “voices” i.e. their words, actions or talents.  However, long before “The Voice” aired, actually even before television, Read More…

3 Truths of Real Love

real love

“Take this mug for a ride…Boom! Burn! Bip! Yeah! Pow! Hey, ha ha. Down with the dc Talk…” used to bump from the JBL Powerbass 10” subs located in the trunk of my 1989 Chevy Cavalier. Boy, back in the da’ day it was fly to be bumpin’ the bass, and no, I don’t mean those pesky black things flying in the air. The year was 1994 and it was a time of low-riders and big speakers and lots of bass. It was also the year I became a believer in Christ and I was trying to change some of the things in my life. One of those things was my choice of music. I listen to all kinds of music. I like classic/hard rock, country, rap and hip hop. It was then that I started listening to different genres of Christian music. One of the groups I was introduced to was DC Talk, you know Toby Mac’s old band. Back then, DC Talk was more hip hop/rap than anything else and one of my favorite songs was “Luv is a Verb”. Great song, but the problem was, I had no real idea what that song was even about and how it applied to my life back in the day.
Now, almost 21 years later, Read More…

The Great Advocate

blog post 3

1 John 2:1-6
The Great Advocate

John makes his intentions known immediately and they are quite simple. He is imploring us live holy lives and not to sin. However, because John knows our condition as sinners, he wanting to introduce us to the Great Advocate. The Great Advocate is the only one who can help and defend us before the mighty and just Judge, our Father in Heaven. This Great Advocate is Jesus Christ! In Christ we have no condemnation in our lives because we belong to Him: Romans 8:1. But, we must be in Him and that means we trust Jesus as our Savior. And when He becomes our Savior, we are found innocent, not because we are innocent, but because The Great Advocate Read More…