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2 responses to “Contact”

  1. Steve Ethridge says :

    Just wanted to thank you and the church for your prayers. If it were not for prayers to our Heavenly Father I don’t know if I would be here today. As much damage that was done to my head I am surprised I can even type to send this email. The doctors say it will take about 6 weeks for everything to heal. I told one of them it better be healed in 4 weeks because thats when I’m going deer hunting with my Uncle Bill on the White River. He just laughed. I laughed too but I was serious. Thanks again brother and be sure and tell the church how much I love them and appreciate their prayers not only for me but also for Debbie and Andrew. Steve Ethridge

    • Jacob Ricker says :

      You are most welcome for the prayers! It is hard to imagine that some people don’t believe in the power of prayer! I know God has been with you and will continue to be with you as you heal! I completely understand about being healed in 4 weeks! I know my God is able to do just that! Not so that you can go hunting with Bro. Bill, but to show His Glory! I will let you church know how much you love and appreciate them for praying for you and your family!

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