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Finding “Rare” Coin!


As a kid I remember sitting in class at Amboy Elementary waiting for my prize for selling candy or some other contest at school. The teacher called my name and I got up and walked towards her with anticipation. With great excitement I reached out and received my prize. I looked down and I saw something that was round and silver with a lady on the front of it. I knew it was some kind of coin, but this coin was unlike the quarters, dimes, nickels or even the silver half-dollars that I had seen before. I later found out that it was a Susan B. Anthony dollar. As a young boy I thought I had something very rare, and I started looking for other types of coins. I found more Susan B’s, which wasn’t as valuable as I thought, along with some silver dollars and a couple of half-dollars with Kennedy on the front of them. However, I did come across another “rare” coin Read More…