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Are You Picky?

PickyI have a confession to make… growing up I was picky! Yes, I was picky when it came to the food on my plate at dinner time.  I wouldn’t eat it if I didn’t like the way it looked.  Yes, I was picky! My mom would say, “Jacob, stop being so picky, you’re missing out on some good foods!” However, I wouldn’t listen. Remember, I was picky. However, now that I am an adult; I learned to not being as picky about my food. I do try new things and my mom would be proud of me and of course, mom was right; I missed out on a lot of good foods.

However, I’m still picky and I bet you are too!  Read More…

The Father’s Love


Sometimes it is hard for me to really understand how much God really loves me. However, as have I looked back on my life, I have seen the many times that my heavenly Father has shown me His love. Earlier, I was reminded of one of those wonderful times. He showed me His loves through the love I have for my daughter, Caitlyn. This story happened in July of 2010. Read More…

King David was a Tattle-Tale!

CaptureWhen I was a kid nobody liked a tattle-tale, and you sure didn’t want to be known as one. You know those kids who were always watching for something to happen so they could go tell it to the world? Kids who would tattle on others always got on my nerves! I didn’t like it and most of the people I knew felt the same way! As we grow into adulthood, nothing changes. We still have the same feelings towards tattle-tales.

Oh by the way, you know what? King David was a tattle-tell! That’s right, you read that correctly. Read More…