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Sowing • Watering • Reaping: It Takes More than One!

Takes More Than One

The Greatest Words This Daddy Could Hear!
It’s been along few weeks with work, ministry and family. I was tried. It was a Monday night shortly after 10:30 pm and I was ready for bed. The girls were still up watching TV due to the fact that its summer break. I had given the girls their good night hugs and kisses and told them that I loved them then I crawled into bed. I was just about to close my eyes when I heard my oldest daughter, Caitlyn, say, “Daddy” as she walked into our bedroom. Honestly, I wasn’t happy about this interruption. I wanted to tell her that whatever she wanted it could wait till tomorrow since I had to get up early for work. However, I didn’t. I rolled over and said to her: “What is it baby girl?” That is when I heard Caitlyn say: “I want to become a Christian.” Read More…

7 Reasons for Daddy’s to Date their Daughters



DADS, take your daughters on dates!

After a post was made by my friend, I got to thinking about my daughters and I wanted to share something with you dad’s out there that is on my hearts. A few weeks ago I was at the high school visiting some of the youth from CHAOS (our youth ministry) and made the comment about taking Caity, my daughter who is 5, on a date.  When I told them this, one of the girls looked up surprisingly and said: “Wow! My dad has never taken me on a date.” The look on her face was one of Read More…