More than Dried Ink…


This morning I was humbled and amazed as I read the dried ink on the pages of God’s Word. It is hard to believe how single letters coming together to form words can change a person’s life. Yet, while the ink on the pages is dry, my heart is full of life because of what those words have done in me. See, these Words that have transformed me and have given me a new life that is found in Christ Jesus! \

Here is a little peek into my journal as to see the Word’s that I read this morning in during my time with God!

Click Image for Full Size

Click Image for Full Size

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2 responses to “More than Dried Ink…”

  1. YB says :

    I really like this truth. Something as simple as “dried ink” has the potential to impact the lives that seek the fullness of God’s word. #Blessed

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