The Father’s Love


Sometimes it is hard for me to really understand how much God really loves me. However, as have I looked back on my life, I have seen the many times that my heavenly Father has shown me His love. Earlier, I was reminded of one of those wonderful times. He showed me His loves through the love I have for my daughter, Caitlyn. This story happened in July of 2010. I am just as much amazed today as I was that July morning at how God showed me His love that morning. I pray that this story of God’s love will resonate in your heart and you will see how much God loves you!

I love it when I have one of those moments that God speaks to me in a wonderful way, don’t you? I had one of those “God Moments” this morning.

Early this morning before work, I was spending time with God in His Word when I heard Caitlyn, my two-year old, crying in her room. I went in to check on her to make sure she was ok. When I walked into her room she was standing next to her bed crying.  She must have been having a bad dream, so I calmed her down, got her back into bed, kissed her on the forehead and went back to my office.  About ten minutes later I heard the pitter patter of her little feet walking down the hallway. Looking up, I saw her heading straight for me with her cup in one hand and Max, her stuffed dog, in the other. She was grinning from ear to ear when I heard one of the sweetest sounds that I love to hear. I heard “Hey Da!” Hearing that just melts my heart! I got up from my desk and walked over towards her when she said smiling “take nap on couch.” This was her way of telling me that she wanted me lay on the couch with her and watch TV. Grinning, I replied: “No sweetpea, its nite nite time.” Then I took her by her little hand and led her back to her room as she graciously said: “OK”. As she climbed back into her little bed she said: “Da, sing Barney!” I laughed and started singing to her as she looked up at me smiling. It was such a sweet sight to see my little girl’s big brown eyes looking up at me. After singing Barney and Jesus Loves Me, she patted her pillow and said: “Sleep”. She wanted me lay next to her. So I laid my head on her pillow and she moved closer to me as to say, I feel safe now that you are here daddy. And with that, my sweet lil Caitlyn Grace drifted off to asleep.

As I walked out her room, I looked back at her with her lil hands folded under her chin and I thought to myself… “I sure do love that sweet lil girl!” It was at that moment that I felt God saying to me: “Jacob, that is the way I love you! I love it when you come to me knowing that you are safe when you are with Me. Everything you just felt is how I feel about you, except that I love you more than you love that little girl.” I was and still am in awe of the love that the Father has for me! I believe that He wanted me to get a glimpse of how much He loves it when I spend time with Him! All I could say was “Thank you Lord for showing me a glimpse of your heart and how much you love me.” This morning I really felt like I was completely “In His Grip!” He is an amazing Father and His love is so indescribable!

How has the Father revealed His love for you lately? I would love to hear your stories!

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