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The Struggle is Real… So is the Solution!


Here lately I have seen the phrase “the struggle is real” a lot on social media and the truth is, struggles are real! Everyone struggles with different things in their lives. People will go through difficult times due to their circumstances in life. Sometimes, our struggles overwhelm us and we lose hope. When there is no hope, people become desperate or they just want to give up on hope and life. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is hope! I know the struggle is realbut Read More…

A Father’s Day Lesson: Love


I have read enough men’s ministry books and been to several men’s retreats to know one thing: men have a hard time showing and expressing love. Not only have I read about this issue from books and heard it from men’s conference speakers, I have had men sit in my office and tell me the same thing. They have sat across from me and told me how they have trouble telling and showing those who are the closest to them that they love them. I guess it’s a man thing. Countless men have this issue. I have often questioned why? Read More…

The Father’s Love


Sometimes it is hard for me to really understand how much God really loves me. However, as have I looked back on my life, I have seen the many times that my heavenly Father has shown me His love. Earlier, I was reminded of one of those wonderful times. He showed me His loves through the love I have for my daughter, Caitlyn. This story happened in July of 2010. Read More…