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A Father’s Day Lesson: Love


I have read enough men’s ministry books and been to several men’s retreats to know one thing: men have a hard time showing and expressing love. Not only have I read about this issue from books and heard it from men’s conference speakers, I have had men sit in my office and tell me the same thing. They have sat across from me and told me how they have trouble telling and showing those who are the closest to them that they love them. I guess it’s a man thing. Countless men have this issue. I have often questioned why? Read More…

7 Reasons for Daddy’s to Date their Daughters



DADS, take your daughters on dates!

After a post was made by my friend, I got to thinking about my daughters and I wanted to share something with you dad’s out there that is on my hearts. A few weeks ago I was at the high school visiting some of the youth from CHAOS (our youth ministry) and made the comment about taking Caity, my daughter who is 5, on a date.  When I told them this, one of the girls looked up surprisingly and said: “Wow! My dad has never taken me on a date.” The look on her face was one of Read More…